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Jump to navigation. Very few people understand the infrastructure that forms the backbone of major esports events, and even fewer talk about it. Part of our role at Riot is to approach typical broadcast and live production challenges with scalable and technology-driven solutions.

The biggest technical challenges we face for esports events fall into three main categories - networking, hardware, and broadcasting, and these get more complex when you consider the remote and local implementations of each. This article will describe each of these problem spaces and walk you through our solutions. Live shows that operate at a scale as large as Worlds require significantly more network capacity than typical events.

Furthermore, hosting an event based on an online video game adds an extra layer of complexity compared to a live concert or a traditional sporting competition due to the inherent needs of the game itself. Having a reliable network connection is key for a competitive multiplayer game such as League of Legendsand it can be a challenge sourcing that capacity. Our shows have very specific network bandwidth needs that can only be satisfied by select providers. And with some shows spread across 4 or more stages, we regularly find ourselves coordinating 8 or more circuits with several providers.

This means accurate data is hard to come by and even harder to come by quickly. Starting a year ahead of Worlds gives providers the chance to sort through their systems and evaluate what they can actually offer.

At Riot, we operate our own global internet service provider called Riot Direct. At our recent Mid-Season Invitational in Hanoi, we used a connection to Singapore instead of a PoP in Vietnam due to capacity constraints and limited capabilities of Vietnamese infrastructure. In order to connect to Riot Direct, we carefully select diverse routes for our traffic to traverse, avoiding any shared PoPs or long-haul fiber routes. For example, at MSI in Paris, both of our routes connected to Riot Direct in Amsterdam, a major data center for League of Legendsbut they did so through wildly divergent paths.

One routed through downtown Paris, while the other took a longer route through Frankfurt, Germany, and finally on to Amsterdam. Our ultimate goal is always to survive a fiber cut anywhere along either path this has happened! Once we establish our connection to Riot Direct, our communication and transmission equipment connects back to Los Angeles.

We rely on hundreds of applications to produce any event, and one of the most important systems is our intercom and communications systems. Quick to follow are video encoders, decoders, and other signal transmission devices and applications.

With connectivity squared at the venue and our path back to LA sorted out, we set about getting our local teams online and running at the venue. Imagine a small city with hundreds of tenants all needing access to specific resources in order to live their day-to-day lives.

Essentially, we have to stand up a network capable of supporting a medium-sized business a few days before the show starts.

Once the show ends, we have to be able to efficiently tear it down right after the closing ceremonies in just a few hours. It all starts with fiber optic cables running throughout the venue to every conceivable access location. These fibers run from our central network hub buried deep within the venue.

From this location, we deploy dozens of fiber optic cables and copper cables. This allows us to build a fully functioning, specialized, high capacity infrastructure at any venue in the world.

At most shows we deploy miles of cable between our various teams.

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Network connectivity was required outside the stadium to our partner activation area and merchandise store, as well as to a set of ticket booths even further away. There was no existing infrastructure that we could leverage, requiring us to run our own. The area was enormous and close to the main entrance, so we had to keep the fiber safely out of the way to avoid tripping our fans.

The long distance caused a lot of head scratching, pointing, and creative ideas. Ultimately, the route required a path for the cable high above the crowd, several trips in and out of drain pipes and gutters, and even a trip down a staircase.Both Riot and the subreddit tout their independence from one another. While there is no evidence of moderators taking money in exchange for preferential treatment, the evidence does suggest that the relationship between both parties certainly is closer than many suspected.

And Reddit prohibits moderators from forming quid pro quo relationships with outside entities. But what about working relationships between moderators and companies with vested interests in the subreddit? Even if the rules are adhered to, is outside influence good for the community? Shortly after joining the moderator team, our source was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement NDA to gain access to a chat room shared with Riot staff.

He was told it was optional but that most mods signed it, and that Riot staffers in the room provided information that was used to help the community, such as updates on server issues.

Did the NDA constitute an overstep? After our report published, it was clear many in the community felt it was harmless. It ensures that player information and sensitive security issues remain confidential. After all, the moderators would have never been asked to sign an NDA if they were not moderators of the subreddit to begin with, and it was only in their capacity as moderators that they were asked to do so.

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While Riot emphasized that the Skype room and contracts were never used to exert influence over the community, their very existence at least raises the specter of leverage. The email says nothing about what, if anything, moderators had to do to secure these gifts.

Riot paid for a subreddit redesign in and dictated when the new design was made public This might be news to new users of the forum, but moderators revealed this in a public statement. Riot apparently paid a contractor for the work. Multiple moderators have become Riot employees and some remain in daily contact with the moderation team The subreddit has always had a rule that Riot employees are not allowed on the moderation team.

However, the company has recruited moderators in the past. At least one of those former moderators is still in regular contact with the current moderation team. On Feb. Current moderator TheEnigmaBlade has openly talked about his desire to work for the company and has applied for a job on at least one occasion.

The moderator email group was always open for Riot staff members to make requests to alter the subreddit. This could be to include information about upcoming games. Or it could be something more permanent, such as including headers on Challenger matches to make them appear the same as LCS matches.

working at riot games reddit

For a larger version of this image, click here. In the private moderator forum, our source found examples of the moderation team pulling down content from the subreddit under this rule. The person posting the content was told to remove all mention of the offending sponsor from the video by moderators in order for the video to be deemed acceptable for submission.

After sharing this information, the moderator was stripped of his position. Our source has no regrets however. Correction Oct. Skip to content.

working at riot games reddit

Older Posts. Check your inbox for a confirmation email! Something went wrong, please try again.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on an unannounced fighting game, according to Evo fighting game tournament co-founder Tom Cannon, who also works at Riot. Radiant was working on a PC fighting game at the time called Rising Thunderwhich featured giant robots battling in one-on-one fights, and pursued a simplified approach to the complicated move inputs seen in other fighting games.

The Evo fighting game championship is happening this weekend, Aug. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo. PC Fortnite Pokemon. Movies TV Comics. Star Wars Marvel. Animal Crossing Doom Eternal Destiny 2. God of War Persona 5 Breath of the Wild. Filed under: News Gaming. Riot Games is making a fighting game New, 2 comments. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Riot Games League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on an unannounced fighting game, according to Evo fighting game tournament co-founder Tom Cannon, who also works at Riot.

Loading comments The Latest. Share this story Twitter Facebook.The exclusive drops will become active ahead of the Summer Split. Fans will be able to get exclusive rewards for watching League of Legends esports via the watch. Rewards include League of Legends digital goods and promotional products from brand partners. Riot has run similar promotions around esports in the past, including the Esports Pass, which allowed fans to support a specific team and get rewards.

This new round of rewards will begin to drop during the LEC and LCS Summer Split, with fans from all regions and servers eligible to collect rewards like skin shards, chromas, prestige points, and Clash tickets. Rewards will be dolled out when specific moments occur during a match — a Baron steals, pentakills, or a series going to the final game of the series.

The feature is planned to be rolled out into other regions soon. Over the past few seasons, the watch experience has improved for fans globally. However, the inclusion of branded digital goods likely means the feature will be free for now.

All Rights Reserved. Youtube Twitter Facebook Instagram. David Hollingsworth. David has written for games media outlets for the last seven years.

June 4, By: David Hollingsworth. June 4, am League of Legends Esports.

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League of Legends: Riot Games Reveals Esports Drops

Share on reddit Reddit. Share on email Email. Latest Esports Headlines. From July. Next Article. Latest Headlines. The Alienware Games Begins on July Dota 2: Virtus. Next Post. Twitter Youtube Facebook Instagram.I had wondered for some time when there would be an incident serious enough that I had to talk to leadership about unacceptable behavior in the workplace, and here it was.

At that point, I had been at Riot Games for a year. I loved my job there. Few companies have embraced what I do in the way Riot Games did. In the first six months, I had significantly reworked our approach to Agile development processes.

I worked with so many amazing and talented people there, and investing in their lives was deeply fulfilling to me. However, the frequency and intensity of inappropriate behavior in the workplace had become a concern not long after I arrived. There were two predominant flavors of behavior. One was the use of sexual references and gestures by straight men toward other straight men, and the other was the sexist and inappropriate language about women. At that time, Riot was still a very young company made up of mostly very young people.

I told myself that perhaps part of my calling in being at Riot at that point in time was to model more appropriate behavior and language and usher them into that next phase of maturity. Cultural change requires perseverance and consistency over a prolonged period of time, right? The sexual references by straight men directly towards other straight men were a more complicated issue.

It would often be homosexual in nature, but could also be sexually aggressive toward your significant other. This behavior of male-on-male aggression seemed to be a mechanism of asserting control. If you got rattled by it or responded angrily, you were seen as immature or insecure, and how could such a person be an effective Rioter, especially in a leadership role? So, the way a number of men coped with it was to not respond, and not appear provoked. Sadly, a very common coping mechanism that many men chose was to begin to exhibit the aggressive behavior themselves, often with greater intensity than they had seen it modeled.

The net effect was that disagreement with the behavior was silenced, emulation of the behavior made it more prevalent, and the overall environment became fertile ground for sexism toward both men and women to run unchecked. In late Spring ofNancy Hilpert had come in to lead Recruiting.

She announced at one leadership meeting that Recruiting would be shutting down for 50 days in order to restructure and reboot itself. That reboot culminated in a full-day offsite held on a Friday. Approximately people, all the hiring managers at Riot at the time, were brought together to learn about our new and revitalized approach to Talent Acquisition.

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The two shared some great stories about candidates they pursued who were critical to getting League of Legends shipped in those first harrowing months of launching. Then they shared an example of how one candidate did not take an offer initially, but because we persevered and followed up, they eventually did take our offer.

The hard realities of working at Riot Games

The next five to eight seconds seemed like minutes. The hall we were in was about three times wider than it was deep, and I was seated just right of center toward the front. Pockets of raucous laughter broke out distributed about the room among lots of silence. I told myself that it was probably just a misstep, because there was no way Brandon would purposely use rape as an analogy for persistence in recruiting, and it would just fade into the background.

However, at the end of the day, Nancy got up to give a recap with a slide deck.Creating amazing experiences for players around the globe takes a diverse team with a variety of professional backgrounds. Join other talented Rioters in your field and find your Discipline. We want applicants to think deeply about their skills and interest—and how they line up with the jobs available at Riot. It's not a good sign if you find yourself applying to as many open positions as possible. Subject Matter Experts Needed Creating amazing experiences for players around the globe takes a diverse team with a variety of professional backgrounds.

Grid View List View. Art Art Open Positions: 20 Creative. Audio Audio Open Positions: 0 Creative. Data Data Open Positions: 1 Technology. Engineering Engineering Open Positions: 58 Technology. Insights Insights Open Positions: 2 Production.

Internships Internships Open Positions: 0 Internships. Narrative Narrative Open Positions: 1 Creative. Publishing Publishing Open Positions: 23 Publishing. Frequently Asked Questions I'm a recent graduate with zero work experience—should I apply?

Each job description lists the relevant experience required. View All Questions.Riot becomes your life. I want to make it clear that this is my personal choice and not something forced upon me. This is like me saluting the American flag during reveille every morning when I was in the Army. So what does that mean for a candidate? I have never been pressured to work more. I just end up wanting to work more. If the culture is built around extra work hours, you personally will need to take part as well to both advance and be accepted into the culture.

I say this having absolutely no knowledge of Riot Games or really any other game studio, but having heard those kinds of statements far, far too many times before. Kudos to him for being frank and upfront about it to employment candidates. Just take it one step further and cut the last bit of BS. I dunno. I typically put in about twice that, and sometimes more, often working on weekends. But since I did it to myself when I was 25, I can understand where the Riot guy is coming from.

Not so much. After reading the whole comment section I went through all the GlassDoor reviews and its not a pretty picture. There are a ton of reviews with all 5s and a 4 in quality of life. But if you go through the whole list you start to get to the reviews that are real.

And boy are they damning. And maybe there is, but I doubt it.

working at riot games reddit

Everyone else talks about how much they love being here. Am I a bad person? Experienced tech industry people can repeat the BS with a straight face and even very convincingly pretend to buy into it. Nature of the beast. Either way, we agree that working at Riot requires a certain mindset that wants to spend a lot of time in the office.

The Hard Realities of Working at Riot Games, One Year Later

This is much the same no matter where you work. I am one of those early risers and have usually been the first or second person into work, often before 7 AM. Yet I am fully aware of the queer looks I have received when leaving at or from those who straggle in at 9 AM and work to or Now that I am a consultant, it does not matter much anymore what hours I work since they are all billable.

This is one of those weird moments of clarity where the personality of the internet is so striking that it leaves echoes across everything else I read. What it's like working at Riot Games Games. Jon Pan, production manager at Riot Games, levels with the fans about working there.

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Pretty much. He even admits that you need to that type of person to be heard at Riot. Personally, no thanks. Oh boy. An office full of swinging dicks. Where do I sign up.

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